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Maryland Delegate Proposes “No Sex” Divorce

The state of the current economy has left many of my clients trapped in a house with their current spouse, limiting their ability to file for an absolute divorce based on a one year separation (For more information on no fault divorce see our August 15, 2010 blog). The Baltimore Sun has reported that Montgomery County Delegate Luiz Simmons is fighting to change the necessity of actually living under separate roofs for the one year period. He is arguing that instead of having parties live separate and apart for one year, parties should just have to abstain from sex for one year. This would allow for couples in a financial predicament to remain in the same home while seeking a divorce. Many are protesting the proposal as it may make divorces more prominent in the state of Maryland. Delegate Simmon’s proposed bill states that the parties would need to testify that they have not resumed marital relations for one year. Currently, parties seeking a no fault divorce based on a one year separation must bring a witness who can confirm, among other things, that the parties have lived separate and apart for one year.

For more information on the current one-year waiting period, contact Monica Scherer, Esq. at 410-625-4740

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