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Maryland Divorce: Shorten the One Year Separation Requirement?

Many Maryland divorce attorneys believe that the one year separation period required for a no-fault divorce in Maryland is too long as reported by the Maryland Daily Record on February 14, 2011. For more information on the one year separation period for a divorce see our October 14, 2010 blog and August 19, 2009 blog . A number of attorneys supporting the reduction of this separation period arrived at a state Senate committee hearing last week to support legislation that would reduce the one year separation requirement to six months. Many attorneys feel that if the parties have agreed to split they should be able to do so without having to drag out the process for a full year. However, many of the Senators feel that this separation period validates the sanctity of marriage and gives people the time to think if this is what they truly want. Unfortunately, it has not been our experience that this waiting period helps parties to reconcile. As the Daily Record reports, many states such as Virginia, Delaware and Washington D. C. have only a six month separation period. We have many clients who come to us after a week or two of being separated and the news that they must wait a year to file for an absolute divorce is crushing. However, there are other options for these clients, such as filing for a limited divorce, as describe in our March 19, 2010 blog, or pursuing a separation agreement.
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