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Massachusetts Proposed Bill Would Ban Parents from Engaging in Sexual Relations at Home While Divorce Pending

A bill has been proposed in Massachusetts that would prevent parents from having sex in their home until their divorce is final, Fox News Reported on May 19, 2011. More specifically, the bill would prevent divorcing parents from “conducting a dating or sexual relationship within the home” until their divorce is final. Those who favor the bill have stated that the bill is meant to shield children from unnecessary problems or domestic violence while their parents divorce is underway. Those who oppose the bill say it is infringing on parents rights.

Currently, not only is adultery a ground for divorce in Maryland, it is still codified as a crime in the Maryland Criminal Code. In our experience, it is wise to consult a mental health professional before introducing your child to a new relationship, especially while a divorce is pending. The effects of a divorce on children vary from child to child, however a mental health professional can provide some guidance and advice based on the child’s developmental, emotional, and physical age.

A Maryland court will not likely ban such behavior if asked to do so by a litigant during their divorce proceedings, but will often consider a parents behavior and the effects of that behavior on the child(ren) when looking at what is in the best interest of the child(ren) in a custody determination.

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